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  • RM 19,800.00RM 74,000.00

    Nagios Log Server is licensed based on the number of Cluster Instances you implement in your
    environment. Each server in a cluster is called an Instance. Adding an Instance to your Log Server Cluster
    allows you to balance server load, provides data redundancy as well as high-availability, and allows you to
    scale Log Server to meet the needs of your environment. Unlike other data monitoring platforms, Nagios
    does not charge based on the number of hosts or amount of data Nagios Log Server collects. Send as much
    log data to Log Server as your servers can handle and quickly query, archive and alert based on your data.

    What comes with your license?
    + 1 Year of Maintenance
    + 1 Year of Ticket Support (Up to 10 Incidents)
    + Access to our Customer-Only Support Forum
    + Perpetual License
    + Product Influence


    • Centralized Log management & configuration
    • Advanced queries & filtering
    • Built-in alert system
    • Unlimited users
    • Simple setup wizards
    • Automatic snapshot & backup system
    • Unlimited retention
    • Data volume only limited by hardware

    Cluster instance ( 2 instance and above)

    • Redundant data (stored across both instances)
    • Automatic failover
    • Alert system failover
    • Increased query speed (up to 2x)
    • Manage all instances from a single GUI
    • Apply configuration changes to all instances from a single GUI
    • Increased redundancy & resiliency
  • RM 3,225.00RM 19,975.00