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  • RM 17,300.00RM 105,500.00

    Nagios® XI is available in a Standard Edition and an optional Enterprise Edition. Pricing for Nagios XI
    licenses is determined by the number of Nodes(hosts) you intend to monitor. There are no license-imposed
    restrictions on the number of services that can be monitored at any of the license levels

    Nagios XI is licensed on a per-monitoring server basis.

    What comes with your license? Enterprise Edition  comes with:

    + 1 Year of Maintenance
    + 1 Year of Ticket Support (Up to 10 Incidents)
    + Access to our Customer-Only Support Center
    + Perpetual License


    The Enterprise Upgrade provides you with features that are designed to aid in large-scale configuration,
    forecasting, and scheduled reporting

    + Capacity Planning Reports
    + SLA Reports
    + Bulk Modification
    + Scheduled Reports
    + Audit Logging

    +SNMP Trap Interface (NXTI)

    +Business Process Monitoring
    +Server Console Access
    +Scheduled Pages
    +Bulk Notifications Settings Tool